It has been 14 years since Shania stepped onstage in Omaha and fans lined up to see the Queen of Country Pop.  The energy in the crowd was powerful and continued to grow as the seats filled and fans anticipated the arrival of their country goddess.  As the lights went down, the sound of drums from the back of the floor section charged up fans.  As the stoplight appeared, Shania made a dramatic entrance from the side of the arena.  Dressed in a silver shimmery dress, with a black sparkling cowboy hat, she made her way down the steps to the floor, greeting fans as she walked through to the stage.  Once onstage, she kicked of the show by asking “Are you ready Omaha?”.  Cheers from the audience were deafening as she started singing a new song, “Life is About to Get Good” from her upcoming Now album.

If you are looking for a dynamic, visually stunning show with great music, this is a must-see show!  The stage sets were amazing! Each song showcased a colorful backdrop with lots to see.  Honestly, there was never a dull moment.  During the song “Up”, Shania sang as the floor rose and lifted her high above the stage.  Other times she would disappear in a smoky haze through the floor, or the drum set would move from one side of the stage to the other or be lifted towards the ceiling.  Incredible!  This stage was more dynamic than any show I’ve seen.  She also surprised us by being suspended over the crowd, in a guitar case-shaped seat, while singing and playing guitar.  This show was so well put together and the stage transitions between songs were flawless.  Not to mention the multiple wardrobe changes with gorgeous ensembles!  This woman can wear a paper bag and still look beautiful.  Her musicians were impressive as well.  This multi-talented group played a plethora of instruments, including violin, guitar, piano, accordion and trumpet.  Shania’s backup vocalists also entertained the audience with their well-choreographed dance moves.

Shania is well-known for her incredible songwriting, which comes from her vulnerability in sharing her life experiences with others through music.  Her new album is filled with songs of heartbreak, but also of renewal and joy.  As she introduced her new song, “Poor Me” she said that writing is her way to vent.  As she sang, you could feel the audience lean in and listen to her as she expressed the pain she felt during a difficult time in her life.  The magic in her music, is that she can bring others into her world with her lyrics.

Shania’s fans LOVE her, and she loves them!  Her interaction with the crowd never waned throughout the show.  She invited two fans to the stage, a bride-to-be, having her bachelorette party at the concert, and a young guy with sign that asked her to take a selfie.  Shania was touched when the guy said that his mom brought him to her last Omaha concert in 2004, when he was 10, and this time he was able to bring his mom.  Let’s all say…..Awwww, so sweet!

Highlights of the show included a tribute to those who serve in the armed forces.  Shania played her song “Soldier” which was featured in the 2017 movie Thank You for Your Service.  Her voice filled the quiet auditorium as clips from the movie played on the screen.  Fans erupted in applause and sang along with her as she sang her mega hits “Don’t Be Stupid”, “Any Man of Mine”, and “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under”.  A montage of music video clips were just what the fans needed to take them back to the music they loved from “The Woman in Me”, “Come on Over” and “Up”.  The show was a great mix of favorites and new songs from Now, including what will most likely be a summer party “Swinging With My Eyes Closed” which had everyone on their feet, dancing (and fist-pumping) to the upbeat song!

Shania’s 2018 Now Tour is the show to see this year.  Shania Twain is a force to be reckoned with in the country pop genre (move over Taylor, the Queen is back!).  So… Don’t Be Stupid, get your tickets now for this visually stunning, well-produced show that will have you singing along and kicking up your heels!

Review by Christine de la Vega
Photos by Brenda Turner Photography

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