On their first tour as a band, The Fever 333 rolled through Lincoln, NE on Wednesday
night, May 23rd. Jason Butler (former vocalist of letlive), Stephen Harrison (guitarist), and Aric Improta (drums), packed the Bourbon and showed the fans what The Fever was all about.

Based out of Inglewood, California, The Fever 333 came together in mid 2017 and signed to Roadrunner Records shortly after.

The 3’s in their name have a significant part in what they do as a band. The letter C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet which stand for Community, Charity, and Change. These guys definitely demonstrated all of those aspects in their show. They made everyone in the room feel like part of a community, chose a local charity to donate part of their ticket sales to, and demonstrated the change that we need to see and hear in America through
their music. Ladies and gentleman, there’s a fever coming.

Review and Photos by Audrey Elizabeth Wright/Audrey Wright Photography


More shots from the show: