by Josh Decker

My first foray into what I can only hope will be called music journalism could not have been met with a better band. On July 30th, 2021, we made the trek up to Sin City to see 80s rockers Junkyard take the stage at the famous local club Count’s Vamp’d and the entire night was a steady stream of reminders that rock music is still alive, contrary to the protestations of some of the genre’s forerunners. 

David Roach – the jury is in

The band, composed of Jimmy James and Tim Mosher on guitar, Todd Muscat on bass, founding member Patrick Muzingo on drums, and, of course, the inimitable David Roach on vocals, took the stage without any unnecessary fanfare – save that for Pretty Boy Floyd – and proudly announced in song that they were “rock n’ roll lifers.” This performance was followed up by live staple “Life Sentence” and the band powered through a blistering set of their hybrid punk and hard rock classics that prompted the man I happened to be standing near to muse about what “life in Hollywood” was really like back in the day. David Roach, no opponent of theatrics, wraps the mic cord around his neck and proclaims that the “jury is in with a verdict of sin” as he prowls the stage, unimpressed with the idea of taking it easy. As the night wore on, the crowd became increasingly enthusiastic. This was aided by the fact that the bulk of the last half of the set consisted of classic Junkyard tunes like “Blooze,” “Hands Off,” and, of course, “Hollywood.” It can be said that Junkyard’s set was long enough to give the audience what they came for and short enough to get the point across, leaving attendees longing for another hit. 

Patrick Muzingo

Junkyard is a band that defied the status quo, refusing to succumb to the temptation to do away with the bad boy image and don lipstick and makeup to appeal to the mainstream crowds flocking to the concerts of their contemporaries. In doing so, they paved their own road. A road less traveled, to be sure, but one that was created honestly and retains its dignity to this very day. You won’t find a Junkyard album littered with songs about drug abuse or raunchy odes to sleazy women with whom the members had flings with back in the day. Instead, you’ll get raw, unashamed storytelling from one of the era’s best kept secrets. 

Tim Mosher

I had the pleasure of chatting with the band after their set and I was struck by how sincerely devoted to the integrity of their music they are. While other bands have come and gone, Junkyard has proven their staying power and continues to inspire legions of young rockers disenchanted by the direction of contemporary music. When asked what keeps the band energized, guitarist Tim Mosher remarked that he gets bored without progress. The need to create and constantly bring new dimensions to the catalogue of the group is what propels Mosher and this is evident in their latest release High Water.

Jimmy James

Jimmy James, perhaps the quietest and most unassuming member of the group, found inspiration in guitar heroes like Joe Perry, Rick Nielsen, and Billy Gibbons, and this influence is undeniably present in his solos and style. Tim Muscat’s punk roots provide the sleazy underbelly of the band with bass lines that harken the listener back to the days when rock bands were unafraid of groove and swagger.

All in all, one leaves a Junkyard performance with the impression that rock n’ roll is not, in fact, dead; rather, the true meaning of the genre is found in rock clubs around the country, very much alive and well. Junkyard’s members are true pioneers whose music opened the door for The Black Crowes and countless others. While Junkyard isn’t touring the globe like Guns N’ Roses, there is no question as to why Axl Rose loves them so much.

Todd Muscat

You can catch this rockin’ show yourself in the following cities:

Fri, AUG 13 | Under The Canopy – Junkyard w/ guests Rebel Queens, and Papersleeves DJ | Minneapolis, MN

Sat, AUG 14 | Junkyard @ Brauer House | Lombard, IL

Sun, AUG 15 | Junkyard @ The Riverside Ballroom | Green Bay, WI

Fri, SEP 10 | Junkyard return to Fulton 55 w/ guests Speedbuggy USA | Fresno, CA

Sat, SEP 11 |Junkyard return to Bottom of the Hill w/ special guests Speedbuggy | San Francisco, CA

Thu, DEC 9 | Junkyard return to Austin | Austin, TX

Fri, DEC 10 | Junkyard return to Cooters Bar | Eagle Pass, TX

Sat, DEC 11 | Junkyard @ The Rail Club w/ Broken Teeth | Fort Worth, TX

Full set of shots from the show, by Brenda Turner Photography:

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