Nothing More Spirits 2023 Tour

Review and Photos by Pam Whisenhunt

On April 16th, 2023 Nothing More made a stop in Omaha Nebraska headlining their Spirits 2023 tour. They packed the Admiral Theatre bring along San Diego California’s Thousand Below and Dallas Texas’s Crown The Empire.

Nothing More Spirits 2023 Tour

The night started off with the post hard-core band Thousand Below. Thousand Below was a good warm up, easing the crowd into the night. James Deberg (lead vocals) mentioned the last time they were in Omaha, they played to a crowd of about 100. They were pretty excited playing to this packed venue.

Nothing More Spirits 2023 Tour

Second up were heavy hitters Crown The Empire. Last time they were in Omaha was 2018 with Underoath, so a lot of people were heavily anticipating this show. Crown the Empire did not disappoint. The energy was high through out the set with lots of crowd surfing and circle pits. They played a good mix of songs across their catalog with their popular numbers “Blurry”, “What Am I”, and “Immortalize” mid set. They finished the hard performing “Dancing With The Dead”. The crowd was primed for the headliner.

After a slight delay, Nothing More took the stage. It looked like they were having trouble with the half-sized scorpion tail. During their set Jonny Hawkins (lead vocals) drummed on it a short time while it was on the ground. They later raised it but he didn’t stay on it long. He told the crowd; Omaha went so hard they broke it. But really, he didn’t need the contraption, the set was full of energy and start to finish bangers.

Nothing More Spirits 2023 Tour

The last time Nothing More came through Omaha they opened for In This Moment (October 2022) and Hawkins injured his ribs. It was obvious during that show, he was nursing them. I overheard he bruised his ribs again in Minneapolis. If that’s the case, I couldn’t tell. He was all over the stage and hyped as ever. This was the show I was waiting for.

Nothing More played all their hits; “Jenny” “I’ll Be OK” and “Ballast” from their 2014 self-titled album as well as “Do You Really Want It”, “Let ‘em Burn”, “Fade In/Fade Out”, “Don’t Stop” and “Go To War” from their 2017 album The Stories We Tell Ourselves. They also performed several from their new Spirits album “Spirits”, “Tired of Winning”, “You Don’t Know What Love Is”, “Face It”, “Turn It Up Like” with a “War Pig” cover intro and their latest single “Best Times”. Nothing More finished the set with Hawkins playing the drums in the crowd and per tradition, no encore. They left it all out on the stage.

The Spirits tour is just getting started. I highly recommend catching a show if you can.

April 19th – Salt Lake City, UT

April 21st – Calgary, Canada

April 22nd – Edmonton, Canada

April 24th – Vancouver, Canada

April 25th – Boise, ID

April 27th – Seattle, WA

April 28th – Portland, OR

April 29th – Spokane, WA

May 1st – Sacramento, CA

May 2nd – Sacramento, CA

May 3rd – Los Angeles, CA

May 5th – San Diego, CA

May 6th – Phoenix, AZ

May 25th – Joliet, IL

May 26th – Bloomington, IL

May 27th – East Moline, IL

Shots from Nothing More’s set

Shots from Crown The Empire’s set

Shots from Thousand Below’s set