The Clincher is an American metal band originating from Nebraska with Lori Piper (vocals), Tiffany Pilypaitis (drums), Ben Kadaffi (bass), Lorenzo DeCoco (guitar) and Matt McClure (guitar).
Prelude, The Clincher’s latest offering serves as an excellent demonstration of combining heavily distorted guitars, guttural vocals, and a strong emphasis on melodies to create a work that is as well-crafted as it is heavy. The songwriting and performance on this 3-song collection is as strong as the band’s past releases, providing a satisfying listen to any fan of metal.
Like every album in the band’s discography, Prelude is an uncompromisingly heavy work, exuding an aggressive ambiance yet catchy up-tempo groove. The three tracks are Le Passhole, P.B.P.B.S. (Perceiving by Perfection By Selection) and Shark Attack.  The songs show the band’s ability to ramp up the tempo to a thrash threshold yet also dial back into mid-tempo groove metal.
Lori’s vocal performance is excellent, powerful as always with plenty of rough growls found on previous efforts that fit the band’s style yet still includes the more refined vocal performance heard in all songs. Tiffany’s percussion work demonstrates a superior level of musicianship and opens each song with a strong, driving beat. The songs feature Clarissa Lamb’s incredible guitar work, one of the founding members.  The album also has good production from Michael Beck of SoundVision Recording, allowing all instruments and vocals to be heard.  The bass is clearly audible, with Ben’s inventive bass lines serving to break up the emphasis on guitar riffs.
The band is working on finalizing more new tunes and recording a full length album, as they continue writing with newest members Lorenzo and Matt who joined just a few months ago, contributing to the process.