Review and Photos by Corbey Aaberg

After fighting my way through the crowd of anxious fans, I finally made it to the front. Usually, I walk into a show, and people get out of my way. I mean I am tall. I walk my walk. I have my huge lens, and I don’t take a lot of shit, so people usually move.

Not tonight.

These fans were ready to rock out and no one was getting in their way, especially a 42- year-old mom with a camera.

After waiting impatiently (did I mention I’m a huge fan?) The lights dimmed, the smoke climbed; a blue light rose…and there she came. K. Flay ready to get it! She is a force. With her soft, bluesy voice, fierce lyrics, and heavy bass drum. She opens her mouth and demands you to listen.

What I absolutely loved about this show is she sounds as amazing live as she does on her studio albums. There was no auto tune, no backup singers, just her and her band, and she sounded f*cking fantastic. Her energy and grit came through into the crowd, and we caught it like a musical disease.

She’s Infectious.

I found myself having to relax and steady my hand to take the photos. I wanted to dance and zone out to the music. After the third song had ended, I made my way to the back of the crowd. I had gotten my shots and wanted to enjoy the rest of the show. There was not a still body in that room, everyone was having their own experience. Moving, singing and totally into it. K. Flay brought her sound to Omaha, and we were going to soak it in. Omaha is a relevant musical city and for her fans to get to see her in their home town, at the Waiting room no less, was a huge deal.

If you’ve never listened to K. Flay, her new Album “Every Where Is Some Where” is a great place to start. But do dive in a little deeper. Her past albums are equally amazing. Her sound will engulf you, wrap you up and refuse to let you go. Thank me later, ok?!


More Photos of the Show: