Review and Photos by Audrey Elizabeth Wright

Louis Tomlinson brought his Faith In The Future World Tour to Stir Cove in Council Bluffs, IA, Saturday evening, June 17th. What an absolute privilege it was to shoot for someone who I admired for years and still do. If you don’t know who Louis Tomlinson is you must be living under a rock. He is one of the members of One Direction, but he is definitely more than that. He is a world class artist. During my formative years in high school and college, I was a die hard 1D fan. My roommates and I had posters of them in our apartment and we always had their music playing. To be even typing this, is just so surreal. I never thought in a million years that I would get to shoot for him. This show was extremely special to me.

Andrew Cushin started the evening off with his acoustic melodies and piano player, Richard. Reigning from Newcastle, England, singer-songwriter really impressed the crowd with his charm and tunes. It takes a lot for an artist to jump on stage with just a guitar and piano and really capture the crowd and he did exactly that. He was fantastic. Check out his latest single titled 4.5%

The Snuts were up next. This Scottish Indie rock band wowed the masses with their melodic guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. They got the crowd jumping and singing along to their tunes. Formed in 2015, this band has been playing shows all around the UK and Ireland and signed to their own label Happy Artists Records. Check out their latest single titled Gloria.

Before Louis Tomlinson graced our presence, I chatted with some fans on the barricade. A group of them had been to several of his shows on this tour so they gave me the run-down of what to expect and I told them tales of my early One Direction days. I got them cheering for a crowd photo before the show started. Louis came on stage and I had the best time of my life. He played a ton of tunes, including two of my favorites Saturdays and Silver Tongues. He also sang a couple 1D tunes and you know I went absolutely feral during those. His new album Faith In The Future is out now! I highly suggest you check it out. He is such a talented artist and songwriter. 

I would like to thank Stir Cove for having me out and for always being such a great venue with friendly staff. Thank you to Andrew Cushin and The Snuts for being so hospitable even though you’re far from home. These guys played their hearts out. Lastly I would like to thank Louis Tomlinson and his team for letting me capture the show. I never thought in a million years that I would get to do that. If you told me I would get to photograph someone I looked up to for years, I would’ve punched you in the face. Talk about a full circle moment. I hope I get to work with him in the future. He is a fantastic human and musician. Thank you for everything! Until next time friends.

Louis Tomlinson:

The Snuts

Andrew Cushin

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