Myles Kennedy Solo Album

Myles Kennedy has certainly done his share of band work, first with the Mayfield Four, then Alter Bridge and the now-on-hiatus Slashand the Conspirators. But he’d like to make a solo album some day — and has, in fact, been working on one for nearly a decade.

He tells us that it’s morphed over time and we can expect something different than we’ve heard before when it finally does come out:  “There’s a record recorded, and it’s just a matter of finding a window, if I’m gonna put that out. But I’m also still writing. So the thing about that record is it’s been around, it was recorded six years ago, and there’s always a shelf life, I think, and I just have to kind of ask myself ‘Is this something that I’m still excited enough about to tour on?’ and I guess that will be a big, deciding factor on whether that body of work eventually sees the light of day or if it’s completely different than what I’m working on now.”

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by Gary Graff

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