New Song From Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips have shared a new song ‘Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)’. It’s the third track to be shared ahead of next year’s album ‘Oczy Mlody’.

Frontman Wayne Coyne described ‘Oczy Mlody’ as sounding like “Syd Barrett meets A$AP Rocky and they get trapped in a fairy tale from the future.”

They have previously shared tracks ‘The Castle’ and ‘How???’. You can hear ‘Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)’ below.

The Flaming Lips released a series of videos explaining the album, with Coyne describing the meaning behind the album’s Polish language title and the songs ‘Nigdy Nie (Never No’ and ‘Almost Home (Blisko Domu).’

You can see the Oczy Mlody track listing below.

Oczy Mlody:

1. Oczy Mlody
2. How??
3. There Should Be Unicorns
4. Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)
5. Nigdy Nie (Never No)
6. Galaxy I Sink
7. One Night While Hunting For Faeries and Witches and Wizards To Kill
8. Do Glowy
9. Listening To The Frogs With Demon Eyes
10. The Castle
11. Almost Home (Blisko Domu)
12. We A Famly

‘Oczy Mlody’ is produced by the Flaming Lips’ longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann and is set for release on January 13.


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