Rainbow Bar & Grill Officially Unveiled Lemmy Statue


Late Motörhead frontman Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister has been memorialized with a lifelike bronze statue in his honor at The Rainbow Bar & Grill, the legend’s favorite hangout located on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California. Sculpted by L.A.-based artist Travis Moore, the over six-foot-tall fixture was officially unveiled on Wednesday, August 24.

The statue required a team of over 20 people, five months, and a whopping $23,000 to construct. While Moore volunteered his services and worked for non-profit, Katon De Pena from underground thrash outfit Hirax helped raise the funds required to build the fixture. “Lemmy was dedicated to us. Now is our chance to say ‘thank you.’ Travis will create the best Lemmy sculpture on the planet,” De Pena said back in January.
Rainbow Bar & Grill Has Officially Unveiled Lemmy Kilmister Statue | Revolvermag

According to an interview with Loudwire, Moore explained that there was much deliberation regarding the statue’s specs. “We just wanted to stay away from portraying him in a way that wouldn’t be proper, and he needed to be rocking, a tough-looking dude with a full face and that was the idea. There was initially some debate about would he be with a guitar? Would he be sitting at the bar? Would he have a bottle of booze? There were a lot of different options, and coincidentally, even the photo that Robert took, he’s standing there smoking a cigarette. We took that out, more of a liability reason, because someone could break that joker off or get caught on that.”

For fans interested in seeing the memorial in person, fret not; the statue is a permanent fixture at The Rainbow.

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