tHrOnE Releases Self-Titled Album

First new release in nearly a decade now available at

After a long hiatus (guitarist Justin Millar left the group in the late 2000’s), CT rockers tHrOnE have released a new full-length album.

The self-titled release was written and recorded entirely by brothers Derek and Casey Trafton, and is the first official tHrOnE release in nearly 10 years.
The brothers say there is “much more to come!” in 2018.”

Stream/download tHrOnE at

tHrOnE began in the early 2000’s when Derek Trafton, Justin Millar and Casey Trafton (2 brothers and their cousin) began at a very young age.

The guys grew up touring the country and putting out albums. They were offered (but turned down) major label deals, and continued to do it on their own with support from a few major radio stations, producers and the members of Good Charlotte, who took a liking to them after playing a festival together.

They continued to share the stage with some of the world’s biggest pop-rock acts, including but not limited to Blink 182, Green Day, New Found Glory and Good Charlotte.

Justin left the band in 2009 because of a lifestyle change, and the group slowly fell apart. Casey and Derek went on to create some electronic music and hone their recording and mixing skills.

It wasn’t until 2017, and the request of many loyal fans, that the guys have decided to write another tHrOnE record. They feel this is their strongest effort yet, and are excited to see where the future can take them.

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