Trivium, Beartooth Coheadline Show at The Admiral Theatre

Photos and Review by Pam Whisenhunt

Tuesday night at the Admiral Theatre was the place to be if you were looking for a night of heavy metal music. Trivium and Beartooth brought their co-headlining tour to Omaha, NE on May 30th 2023 with supporting acts Archetypes Collide and Malevolence.

Archetypes Collide started the night. I’d seen these guys in Lincoln, Nebraska November of 2022 at the 1867 Bar. They put on a great show, but the stage was so small. It was great to see them perform on the Admirals large stage. They had so much more room to run around and do their thing. It was a short set, but enough to get the crowd moving.

Next up was Malevolence, a hard-core heavy metal band from England. They were the surprise of the night. All but one came out in shorts and sneakers, like they were ready for a work out and pretty much were. Malevolence worked the stage and had the crowd moshing from the first song. The circle pit was soon after that.

Malevolence would be a hard act to follow, but Beartooth had no problem. First of the two co-headliners, Beartooth came out fast and heavy with “Devastation”. A shirtless Caleb Shomo (lead vocals) was nonstop, pacing the stage, only to pause for a drink of water. Shomo is a pro at hyping up the crowd. Everything from directing the circle pit to chanting back and forth with the crowd. Just before kicking off “You Never Know” Shomo told the crowd to “Get your money’s worth” “Everything you got, all the way to the back” and the crowd did just that. With a hit packed, thirteen song set list, attendees got their money’s worth.

Metalcore veterans Trivium closed out the night. Unfortunately, it looked like the crowd thinned out quite a bit after Beartooth but all the easier to get the circle pit going. Those who stayed, were treated to an energetic, interactive show. The playlist might not be well known to the masses but the Trivium fans knew it all. The set was heavy start to finish and the crowd embraced it with headbanging, crow surfing, a moment of rowing the boat and steady circle pit. Matt Heafy (lead vocals, guitar) stated Indianapolis had been their best crowd to date and challenged the crowd to bring it. Heafy never confirmed Omaha’s success or defeat, but I’d say they were a top qualifier.

Check out live shots from each set:




Archetypes Collide:

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